Development group

The Development group focuses on four programs:


We develop and optimize tools for production of recombinant AAV vectors of different serotypes. In particular, we develop stable mammalian cell lines allowing AAV vectors production through adenovirus infection. We also work on plasmid optimization for transfection-based AAV production, and we are involved in the optimization of AAV production in insect cells in collaboration with Genethon.

Production processes (Upstream)

We focus on optimization and scale-up of cell culture and transfection- or infection-based production processes for recombinant AAV and adenovirus vectors, and adaptation to GMP constraints. In particular, we are implementing the production of AAV vectors in bioreactor, using either the baculovirus/insect cells system (collaboration with Genethon) or stable mammalian producer cells.

Purification processes (Downstream)

We develop methods for scalable and GMP-compliant purification of AAV and adenovirus vectors, including extraction, filtration and chromatography (ion exchange and affinity-based) steps. We have established key relationship with several companies in order to take advantage of the latest technological developments.

Quality control

We develop specific tools and suitable assays for analysis of viral vectors, for both ongoing process developments and characterization of clinical lots, in compliance with regulatory agencies guidelines. We closely collaborate with GenoSafe and Genethon, and also with ANSM.