Vector core

The services provided by the vector core include:

1. Custom production of recombinant viral vectors with your sequence

The vector core takes care of your vectors production from recombinant viral genome construction to purified final product.

Our production and purification processes for recombinant AAV vectors (based on viral particles separation on cesium chloride gradients) are regularly optimized, in particular for large-scale productions intended to use in large animal studies.

AAV-based viral vectors

The vector core can produce recombinant AAV with capsid from serotypes – 1 (AAV1), – 2 (AAV2), -3 (AAV3B), – 4 (AAV4), – 5 (AAV5), – 6 (AAV6), -7 (AAV7), – 8 (AAV8), – 9 (AAV9) and – 10 (AAVrh10).

It is possible to produce ssAAV (single-stranded) and scAAV (self-complementary, i.e. double-stranded) vectors for all these serotypes.

Human adenovirus type 5 (Ad5)-based vectors

We produce first generation (ΔE1/ΔE3) adenoviral vectors containing your sequence inserted in place of the E1 region.

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2. Primary cells immortalization and transduction

Cell immortalization is achieved through serial infections of the cells with an MLV-based retroviral vector expressing SV40 T antigen and neomycin resistance. Stable transduction of your cells with your gene of interest can be achieved by recombinant lentiviral vector infection. A cell bank is then generated from either the selected cell population or a single cell clone.

3. Vector plasmid construction for recombinant virus production

We take care of AAV and Ad5 recombinant viral genomes construction, containing the expression cassette of your choice.

4. Provision of biological materials

– Recombinant viral vectors samples: we provide standard quantities of recombinant AAV and Ad5 vectors expressing GFP or LacZ reporter genes. We also have ΔE1/ΔE3 Ad5 control virus (without transgene) and wild-type Ad5 virus.

– Cell lines: HEK293, HeLa, HeLaRC32, …

– Plasmids

5. Technical and scientific advice for the design and optimal use of the viral vectors

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